NRI:FND: Collaborative Mobile Manufacturing in Uncertain Scenarios
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Large-scale manufacturing is common practice in several industries: transportation, maritime, energy, aerospace and construction. Finishing operations, such as trimming, sanding and painting, are necessary to guarantee tolerances and required properties are met. For humans, those tasks are stressful, and may lead to physical discomfort and potential for repetitive strain injury. To improve safety for human workers and the quality of work for finishing operations on large-scale parts, a team of autonomous mobile robots, assisted by human supervisors, can be deployed.


Establish and demonstrate novel strategies for collaborative robotic systems performing post-processing operations (trimming and sanding), on large scale fiber-reinforced polymer parts without part re-positioning.


September 2020 - August 2023

Funding Support

This project is supported by NSF:CMMI, Award Number:2024795.

Work Packages

The objective of this project is to design a distributed intelligent architecture for teams of mobile robots to perform finishing operations under human supervision.

Sensing and Localization
Robot navigation
Control and Planning
Multi-robot triming and sanding
Cognitive System
Task completion
Wind blades

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Corina Barbalata


Marcio de Queiroz


Hunter Gilbert


Genevieve Palardy


Jinwei Ye


Yuqi Ding

PhD Student

Joshua Nguyen

PhD Student

Chandler Lemoine

Undergraduate Student

Jacob Agostinho

Undergraduate Student

James Oubre

Undergraduate Student

Manuel Bailey

Undergraduate Student

Azmyin Kamal

PhD Student